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Amazon Wishlist

Good boys are weak for financial domination.  Spoil your Goddess Amethyst

Spoil your Goddess by shopping this wishlist.  Choose from a variety of items that would please me.  Purchase several items to receive that financial domination "high", as your wallet becomes empty   Mmm

Amazon Allowance

Good slaves submit to financial domination, and spoil Goddess Amethyst

Set up a monthly allowance for your Goddess.  Make sure that it hurts your wallet, so that you can scratch that financial domination itch.  That's it!  Good boy!

Elite Slaves Only

Financial Domination and wishlist page for Goddess Amethyst

Purchase access to the Elite Slave Wishlist.  A good financial domination slave knows that the pleasure of Goddess Amethyst comes first.

Tip - Tribute - Cash Gifts

Tip / Tribute Cash

financial domination cash for Goddess Amethyst

Click for the best place to tip or tribute me:  DarkAmethystHypno provides the best commission rate.  And while you're there, explore my financial domination section, so that you can be brainwashed to be my very good boy!

Tribute Cash For Lingerie

sexy lingerie for Goddess Amethyst

Oh how I love to spend your money on sexy, silky items.  Spoil your Goddess right now!  Click the link to be taken directly to the DarkAmethyst check out page for $50

Tribute My Restaurant Tab

A true financial domination slave buys his Goddess dinner

I love when boys pick up the tab for dinner.  Click the tribute button to be taken to the check out page on DarkAmethyst for $100.  For an enhanced financial domination experience, choose multiple quantities before adding to cart.  Yum!

Tribute A Spa Day

Goddess Amethyst craves to be pampered by her financial domination slaves

There's nothing better than a massage or facial paid by a devote boy!  Treat me like a Goddess.  Click below to be taken directly to the DarkAmethyst shopping cart for $150

Tribute Broadway Tickets

Goddess Amethyst loves attending Broadway shows

I am a  Goddess enjoys arts and culture.  You know how much I love Broadway, but tickets are expensive!  Treat me to a show!  Click below to be taken directly to the DarkAmethyst shopping cart for $500

Tribute Car Payment

Goddess Amethyst drives a Mercedes

How sexy would it be for me to say, "My slave paid my Mercedes car payment this month"?  Answer:  SEXY!!   For true financial domination, pay your Goddess's car payment every month.  Mmm Yes!  Click below to tribute $750. 

Blow My Mind - Pay For My Travel

Tribute Towards My Travel


Help me add stamps to my passport and enrich my life, in the way that most boys can't!  Wishlists are sweet, but travel changes my life forever!  Experience what true financial domination.  Go above and beyond for your Goddess!  Click to tribute $1,000

Pay For AirBnb


Help me build my AirBnb account so that my accommodations will be paid for.  I have dreams of visiting Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, and MANY others.  

A financial domination Goddess like me, enjoys when a good boy pays for travel expenses.  Click to be taken to purchase an AirBnb E-Card

Mistress Amethyst

Goddess Amethyst - femdom financial domination hypnodomme

Easier, Beautiful & Adventurous

I absolutely LOVE putting you under my spell and molding you into becoming my very good boy.

It'd more than financial domination.  A good boy seeks to make my life easier, more beautiful, and adventurous. 

Easier:  Whether you're easing a burden by choosing items from my Amazon Shopping List, or by sending me a gift card, making my life easier will make you stand out!

Beautiful:  Wouldn't you love to adorn your Mistress with jewelry or lingerie?  Check out my wishlists to pick out something pretty.  The sexiest lingerie and high end gifts are found in my Elite Wishlist.

Adventurous:  Mistress LOVES to travel and attend Broadway shows.  By sending cash gifts or Airbnb gift cards, you're adding adventure to my life.  What a thrill!

I am your Goddess.  Spoil me properly!

Send all E-Gift Cards to:

Current Dreams & Goals and Birthday Wishes

BIRTHDAY WISH FOR MARCH 13th:  If you're not sure what to get me, or if you have limited funds, I would recommend a Tribute to go towards my car, or an Amazon Gift Card.

AMAZON GIFT CARDS:  I use my Amazon balance for a wide variety of purchases off of my wishlist.  I'm always thrilled to receive an Amazon gift card.  Please send all e-cards to:

TRIBUTE EXTREME:  The largest tribute I have ever received was a $2,000 Amazon gift card for my birthday, and then he gave me a second one randomly.  Mmm financial domination is so sexy, isn't it?  Yes!  One of these days, there's going to be a boy who goes above and beyond to top that tribute.  Will it be you?

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Dark Amethyst Femdom Erotic Hypnosis featuring financial domination and more

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