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Mistress Amethyst


Easier, Beautiful & Adventurous

I absolutely LOVE putting you under my spell and molding you into becoming my very good boy.

A good boy seeks to make my life easier, more beautiful, and adventurous. 

Easier:  Whether you're easing a burden by choosing items from my Amazon Shopping List, or by sending me a gift card, making my life easier will make you stand out!

Beautiful:  Wouldn't you love to adorn your Mistress with jewelry or lingerie?  Check out my wishlists to pick out something pretty.  The sexiest lingerie and high end gifts are found in my Elite Wishlist.

Adventurous:  Mistress LOVES to travel and attend Broadway shows.  By sending cash gifts or Airbnb gift cards, you're adding adventure to my life.  What a thrill!

Current Dreams & Goals and Birthday Wishes

BIRTHDAY WISH FOR MARCH 13th:  If you're not sure what to get me, or if you have limited funds, I would recommend a Tribute to go towards my car, or an Amazon Gift Card.

CAR:  I'm in the process of ordering a custom 2020 Mercedes.  I will be using cash gifts from Tributes to help with the down payment, as well as make the monthly car payments..  Every little bit helps.  It truly does.  I need to come up with $10,000 by May, and would very much enjoy a tribute.

AMAZON GIFT CARDS:  I use my Amazon gift balance to pay for Lowe's & Aribnb gift cards.  For Lowe's, I'm saving to have a shower installed in my basement.  I'm also planning to use Lowe's to buy a garage door & shed.  For Airbnb, I'm planning to take my Mom to the beach this summer.  My father passed away last year, and I would love to do something nice for her.

TRIBUTE EXTREME:  The largest tribute I have ever received was a $2,000 Amazon gift card for my birthday, and then he gave me another one randomly.  One of these days, there's going to be a boy who goes above and beyond to top that tribute.  Will it be you?